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Project Description
Testlink is PHP based test management web application. This project is ASP.NET version of Testlink.

What is TestLink2Net ?

TestLink2Net is ASP.NET version of Testlink.

What is Testlink ?

Testlink is a Web-based (PHP) Test management and software testing execution tool.

TestLink enables easily to create and manage Test cases as well as organize them into Test plans. These Test plans allow team members to execute Test cases and track test results dynamically, generate reports, trace software requirements, prioritize and assign tasks.

This tool includes reporting and requirements tracking and cooperates with well-known bug tracking systems.

Main features are....


  • Compatible with testlink databases. If you are already using testLink, just use same connection string here. It works fine with TestLink2Net
  • First release supports MS-SQL Server and MySQL. Support for other DBs will be added in future versions.
  • Major UI improvements compared with PHP version.
  • Service oriented architecture. Can be integrated with any other solution.

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Project Plan

Developers are welcome to contribute. If any one interested please send an email.

Rajesh A.
S7 Software

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